iPhone Xs Repair Pricing in Grande Prairie

Diagnostic Service

iPhone Xs Screen Replacement
$90 Aftermarket LCD Version - CHEAPEST OPTION. hotter temperature and may drain the battery faster and quality is not that great compare to original Soft OLED.

$150 Aftermarket Soft OLED Version - RECOMMENDED AND BETTER OPTION. Close to original quality. Warranty covers the OLED display breakage as long as there is no crack on the glass. Free Tempered Glass screen protector to make it more durable.

$160 Original Refurbished Soft OLED Version - BEST OPTION. OLED Display from original screen. Refurbishing factory remove the broken glass replaced with a new one. Free Tempered Glass screen protector to make it more durable.

How long will it take? Estimate 15-20 minutes.
Do I need an appointment? No. Just walk in.

iPhone XS Battery Replacement
2658mah - $70

iPhone XS Battery+ High Capacity Replacement
3000mah (13% More) - $80

How long does battery replacement take? : Estimate 30 minutes depending on unit condition.

iPhone Xs Screen Replacement (Aftermarket) + Battery Replacement
$20 OFF

iPhone Xs Screen Replacement (Original Refurbished) + Battery+ High Capacity Replacement

$30 OFF

iPhone Xs Charging Port Replacement
iPhone Xs Bottom Speaker Replacement

iPhone Xs Headphone Jack Replacement

iPhone Xs Ear Speaker Replacement

iPhone Xs Vibrator Motor Replacement

iPhone Xs Front Camera Replacement

iPhone Xs Back Camera Replacement

Prices may change without prior notice. Contact us for more info.