Do you fix Samsung S8 Screen? How much to fix Samsung S8 Screen?

Hello everyone,

I just want to let everyone know that i am currently not accepting Samsung or any Android Phones that requires repair at the moment.

And now i will tell you my personal opinion why i don't want to fix them. I'm not trying to say that it is not worth fixing it. It all depends on customers point of view.

But here we go lets get started.

For now let us talk about the cost pricing of the Samsung S8.

Samsung S8 Screen LCD from supplier cost around $160 - $240 CAD. And that is from reliable supplier price. Some other supplier specially direct from china may offer cheaper prices but please remember they have all different quality, grading, standards, profit of margin, warranty, and etc.

Don't forget that a repair shop will not charge you the cost price of the parts.

Repair shop have the capability to add a markup for each stock they have. 

Why repair shop have to add markup?
Then i will ask you a question. You can buy a bulk bottled water in grocery store which will make average cost of each bottle for $0.10 and yet when you go to restaurant they charge bottled water for $1 - $2. Is it fair or not? Charging customers 10-20x of whatever the cost price is.

Well if you want cost price then just go to grocery directly!

So again why we need to add markup?
Because we invested on a certain product!

Remember not all product we have in stock get sold 100% some will be a loss for us, some are defective, we have to order the parts that means we invested our time to choose whatever we needed to be in stock that are in demand. So we invested time to order in advance. Paid money from our pocket. Why we doing this? Because customers wants quick repair! Most customers are not willing to wait days to get it fix! Specially in phone industry!
How about you? Can you live without a phone now a days? Can you survive a day or a week or a month without your phone? 

What else? Why we need to add markup?
Because we are just like you! 
We pay bills bills bills. We are not exempted with bills!
Tax tax tax! You know what I'm talking about.

So for now let us talk about my supplier grading and pricing.

This pricing is based on current pricing as of January 2020 and may change anytime according to marketing pricing. So usually the older the model is, the cheaper it will be.

$160 with Frame - Used OEM Pulled Grade B / C

$190 without Frame - It says Brand new but doesn't say if its Aftermarket or Original

$200 - $220 with Frame - It says Brand new but doesn't say if its Aftermarket or Original.
Price may vary due to color availability. 

$220 - $240 with Frame - Premium
Price may vary due to color availability. 
I am not 100% what is premium means for the Samsung LCD / OLED screen. It could be Pulled parts also but almost brand new with no scratches or signs of usage at all. It could also be an original refurbished which is the very common or practical source of the LCD / OLED.

So what is that mean? 

What is OEM Pulled Screen?
Used OEM Pulled means they are from original phone extracted for whatever reason such as the original phone has motherboard damage or factory defect or some other hardware damage that makes it unusable or not fixing or could also be blacklisted or google lock or samsung lock or software problem. Whatever the reason is for scrapping the phone, as long as the LCD / OLED Screen is working fine then normally technician, refurbishing factory, supplier, reseller, or whoever touches the screen will pull it from the phone and reuse it for a different phone. So the pulled parts which sometimes we called as "donor" since it was from an original phone that can still be use for the phone that requires it. 

What is Aftermarket Screen?
Aftermarket Screen means they are not from the original supplier or factory. Meaning all the materials are from a third party depending on the company on what materials they will use as long as it will be compatible for a specific model for example the screen is designed for the Samsung S8. But the materials they will use might be just a high copy. So what are high copy? Those are just generic parts. It is like you are buying a non branded products. 

What is the difference of Aftermarket and Original?
So for aftermarket it has all different grading depending on the supplier. I will list down below the common that i know of.

Color Accuracy Quality - These are the calibration of the color. For example in original screen the color will be the true RED. But in the aftermarket screen it may look dark red or light red or orange or washed out red. I will attach below the sample color chat if you want to know what I'm trying to say. For some, like its just all red to me. But for other specially for those who are artistic, creative, specially for girls who loves to shop different colors and knows the exact difference of colors, this it what I'm trying to say. Red is not just red. There are different specifics color mixture. 

Image result for different colors of red

Does the color matters?
That is a gray question. Because every human have different criteria of the color. Based on my customers, some customers doesn't care about the colors difference as long as its working they are good with it. And on the other side which is a little hard to please customers are those who knows exactly the original color and will compare the previous screen with the replacement screen. Some will complain why the new screen looks different than my old screen. And the problem with that also is sometimes the previous screen they are comparing to has been fixed before and sometimes it has been replaced with an aftermarket screen so the screen quality will be different and in the long run they will get used to it and it will be their new standard for the color screen quality. 

Refresh Rate - is the number of times your monitor updates with new images each second. For example, a 60 Hz refresh rate means the display updates 60 times per second. A higher refresh rate results in a smoother picture. - according to google search
So premium or pulled parts will have the original refresh rate but with the aftermarket it is hard to tell if they will follow the standards of the original quality or the will use cheaper materials in order to lower the cost of production designed for customer who are very cheap that always wants cheap and when they find the cheapest that is where they will get it fixed and then later on which always happen ALL THE TIME! They will complain ALL THE TIME! WHY MY SCREEN IS NOT GOOD LIKE MY ORIGINAL SCREEN??? TOUCH SCREEN IS SO SLOW! COLOR LOOKS WASHED OUT! ACTING RANDOMLY! TOUCHING BY ITSELF! SOME PARTS NOT WORKING! I HAVE TO PRESS HARD! SCREEN IS FLICKERING! SOME DEAD SPOTS! BURN IN IMAGE!

Well that is the consequence for using the being cheap! 
People always wants to get cheapest. Some reliable supplier are quoting higher price but if you check their reviews they are very good with their service. BUT!! The problem is most people doesn't care about those thing in the first place! They always check the price first before the quality! (guilty here)

Comparing repair shops according to the price.

So what does repair shop do in order to match the customer needs?
Some repair shop just used all cheap materials since customer just wanted to be cheap. But that is where the problem starts all the time! You know what i mean already so it is self explanatory!
My shop standard for my shop is as much as i can i try to avoid very cheap customer who are cheaper than me to the point that being cheap is unreasonable at all! Those very cheap customer are the one who just want cheap who doesn't appreciate the time invested of the repair shop and who doesn't want to give the shop a room for profit in order to pay for expenses, bills, operating cost, etc. Just so you know. Business are established in order to make money just like everyone else, we are all working to make money in order to live and get whatever we wanted in life. So If you don't appreciate our time invested in our business. Then find someone else or better option is just research everything on google and do it yourself. If your reason is it easy to do and the guide are just everywhere specially YouTube. Then go ahead! Buy your own supply! Install it yourself! If you messed up that is okay! at least you did your best! And i hope you understand how does it feels like to be a technician! It is very easy right! If you did it right, then congratulation you are now a technician! Now you have the option to push it forward and start fixing other customers devices. And if ever you are cheap and you don't want to pay for others labor then maybe its your turn to do the same thing. You can fix other customers devices for free labor! and if you want you can help me grow my shop also. you can fix my pending jobs for free. That is what we called charity aka non-profit. Thank you for being a volunteer who are willing to donate their time in exchange of $0. You are very much appreciated in our society and everyone one will thank you. Later on people will keep looking for you even though you are sleeping, resting, having a vacation, working in order to make money to pay your bills, you still have to help people free of charge because you are a good guy! :)

And now for the Grading. Different supplier have different standards of grading. Just so you know, third party companies are not controlled by anyone so its up to the company on what standards they wanted for the grading and as well as the pricing.

Below i will attach the Grading Condition example. Please note this is for you reference only and may not be same with other supplier.

Grade A+ - Pre-owned and in Like New Condition.
Little to No Scratches/No Cracks/No Scuffs On Screen/Housing

Grade A - Pre-owned and in Excellent Condition
Very Minor Scratches/No Dents/Very Minor Scuffs On Screen/Housing
Cosmetically show very little sign of use

Grade B+ - Pre-owned and in Great Condition
Minor Scratches/No Cracks/Minor Scuffs On Screen/Housing
Device cosmetically shows some physical imperfections

Grade B - Pre-owned and in Good Condition
Heavier Scratches/No Cracks/Visible Scuffs On Screen/Housing

Grade C - Pre-owned and in Fair Condition
Major Scratches/No Crack but Heavy Scuffs On Screen/Housing