Upgrading laptop old mechanical hard drive to solid state drive for upto 10x faster!

Changing the old mechanical hard drive with solid state drive can make your laptop up to 10x fast. 

The old hard drive are slow speed that are using a spinning disc and a magnet. They are really fragile so when the laptop gets drop by accident there is a possibility that the disc might get damaged ang causes to corrupt the files and customer will notice a slow performance in their laptop and could also cause random restart or blue screen error. It might be because some part of the hard drive where the system files or your main files are saved might have damage and having a problem reading it. 

So what is the best solution?
Use SSD! Upgrade it! Even a 5-10 years old laptop will magically runs faster than it used to be! It might be even faster than getting a new one specially if you are planning to get a new laptop at lowest price point. Normally cheap brand new laptop with price range of $400 are using cheap hardware components in order to offer cheaper laptop but the problem is that they are slow performance. 

So what is solid state drive?
Solid state drive are just chips that are commonly used with the phones and tablet. They are small, better, faster. If you have a high end phone then you can compare how fast it loads the apps compare to your laptop. So now imagine a laptop with the same loading time with your phone.

If you have more question or interested to upgrade your laptop or computer you can message me. Thank you :)