iPhone 8 Plus Repair Pricing

iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement
MaterialsLower CostBestOEM
Color AccuracyGood AcceptableBetter, Close to OEMBest, OEM
Retain True Tone
(Previous screen must be original)
FREE Tempered Glass Included-$10 Standard Quality$20 Premium Quality
Warranty (Touch Screen Defect)
(Physical/Liquid damage not included)
Limited Lifetime
Limited Lifetime
Limited Lifetime
What would you Recommend?
For Temporary Use
If you don't care about
the quality as long
as it is working
For Longer Use
If you want close to
Original quality and
more affordable
For Longer Use
if you want same
like the original quality
What is Aftermarket?
These are the parts that are produced by third-party companies
and supplied to the repair shops
What is Original Refurbished?
Original LCD Screen from previous broken glass replaced with a new glass
How long does it take?
Average 10-20 minutes if we can work on it right away
Do i need an appointment?
Nope! It is a walk in service and we will always do our best to get it done right away
Oncell vs Incell
Incell - touch screen is in the lcd. Higher chance touch screen MAY STILL work if glass is broken
Oncell - touch screen is in the glass. Higher chance touch screen MAY NOT work if glass is broken

Diagnostic Service

iPhone 8 Plus Battery Replacement
How long will it take? : Estimate 15 minutes depending on unit condition.

iPhone 8 Plus Battery+ High Capacity Replacement
3060mah (13% More)
How long will it take? : Estimate 15 minutes depending on unit condition.

iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement (Premium Aftermarket) + Battery Replacement

iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement (Original Refurbished) + Battery+ High Capacity Replacement

iPhone 8 Charging Port Replacement

iPhone 8 Bottom Speaker Replacement

iPhone 8 Headphone Jack Replacement

iPhone 8 Ear Speaker Replacement

iPhone 8 Vibrator Motor Replacement

iPhone 8 Home Button Replacement

iPhone 8 Front Camera Replacement

iPhone 8 Back Camera Replacement

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