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Is your battery draining fast or does not last for a day?
You probably need a new battery!
If your iPhone is is around 2 years or more then you probably need a new battery.
If you use cheap cable which is not Apple Certified and you notice sudden change in battery life then you might need a new battery!

Frequently Asked Question

How much to fix iPhone Screen?
Prices varies from model and quality you want. Click here for prices

What is the difference of Original Screen Refurbished and Aftermarket High Copy?
Original Screen Refurbished is exactly original screen from a broken glass. Original Display quality, Touch screen sensor is in the LCD itself not in the glass for iPhone 5 - 8 series. High chance touch screen will still work if glass is broken. Refurbishing factory remove the laminated broken glass in the LCD and replaced with the New Glass. 

Aftermarket High Copy Screen are made by third party factory in China. Every factory uses different quality according to their standards. It is designed to be compatible with iPhone Screen with the use of cheaper materials than the original. Closer to original quality but some will still notice the difference in Color display, Brightness, Touch screen sensitivity. Touch screen digitizer sensor is in the glass not in LCD for iPhone 5 - 8 series. High chance touch screen may not work properly if glass is crack. Fix-It Ralph offers the best Aftermarket High Copy Screen available in the market that most customer won't notice the difference between the Original.

What is the difference of Cheap Low Copy Aftermarket screen and High Copy Aftermarket screen?
Cheap Low Copy Screen is lower brightness, contrast, vibrancy. Very far from the original display and it looks washed out. Noticable pixelated or dead pixels. Glass is easy to break. Touch screen is not responsive or delayed compare to original. Frame glue is not strong enough.

Do you offer warranty?
YES! We offer lifetime factory warranty on iPhone Screen. Warranty only for defective touch screen!
Crack screen is not included in warranty. This is a factory warranty only. It is NOT Apple Care or Insurance.

How long will it take to fix my iPhone Screen?
Estimate 15 - 30 minutes depending on unit condition

Do I need an appointment?
Nope! You can bring it anytime.

Where are you located Fix-It Ralph?
9823 116 AVE #203, GP T8V 4B4
INSIDE Macro Centre Building 2nd FLOOR
Building beside ATB Financial going to Prairie Mall
99 Street 116 Ave Stoplight
near Prairie Mall